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About us
Welcome to the team

Twinner consists of an international group of over 80 ambitious developers and scientists who have fully dedicated themselves to a mission: Revolutionize digitization!

We employ computer scientists, mathematicians and physicists as specification engineers, solution architects, software developers, data scientists, cloud engineers, project managers, and test engineers. We all have a common goal: developing ingenious software for innovative products of tomorrow's world.
For us at Twinner it is important to create a working atmosphere that fulfills the needs of modern developer teams.

Research and Development
with passion

Tobias Soppa
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Tobias has almost 20 years of experience in building and managing complex international software projects. He was the founder in 2000, and CEO until 2016 of one of the world's leading companies for Workflow management and Scheduling systems, with locations in Germany and the USA. Today, he prefers to support other technology companies in the role of CTO, occasionally having relapses as a coder. He studied computer science and sociology, and 'automation' is his middle name.

"We live in an incredibly exciting time in which intelligent people have the opportunity to shape the development of the world through technology. Our goal is to use it with attitude and responsibility. Building the best software with the best people and making the world a fairer place is our daily motivation. The virtues of German engineering are just as important to us as the speed and pragmatism of the Digital Economy. Twinner is therefore not only a place where we use modern technologies to create meaningful and functional products, but also one where we can learn from each other on a daily basis."

#DevOps #NewSQL #DeepLearning #NodeJS #React #Microservices #Snowden #CCC #Mindfulness

This is important to us

  1. SOCIOCRACYConsent decision-making, where every argument is taken seriously
  2. CULTURENobody in the team is more important than others - we only function as a team
  3. POTENTIALSWe adapt our structures to our employees - not the other way around.
  4. VARIETYIt is the complementary knowledge and skills, which makes a real team

For us, this is

  1. Cooperation beats competitionCooperation and mutual support throughout the group is the key to success.
  2. Communication also in EnglishWe are an international team speaking Russian, Italian and Chinese. But don't worry - everyone understands English.
  3. Free weekends and closing timeWhether you have a family, or training for the next triathlon - we respect your free time.
  4. Your Tools - Your ChoiceLinux, Windows, OSX? We don’t mind - all that matters is your productivity. You decide which hardware and software you want to work with.

This is what we offer

We offer different benefit packages at our different locations.

Flexible working hours

Early bird, nightingale, family duties? Manage your time individually.

Training and Events

In addition to lectures and events, we also offer exciting training courses of your choice.

Fit and healthy

Fresh fruit, snacks, drinks and table football for relaxed breaks.

Easy Onboarding

We support international applicants during integration on site.


For applicants who would like to live in Germany for a longer period of time, we have summarized the most important facts here: Welcome to Germany (Onboarding Information)

Travel allowance

Whether by car, bus or train - we cover part of your travel costs.

Preferred working location

Whether remotely or in our offices - we meet every day online.

Work equipment

Two large monitors, lightweight notebook - whatever helps you to be efficient.

Leisure time

For your relaxation: enough vacation and no need to work overtime or weekends

Where to find us

The Twinner GmbH currently has four European locations, at which we are continuously growing. Since we also work with an international network of freelance developers, English is often spoken in the offices in addition to German and Hungarian.

Joachimsthaler Straße 34
10719 Berlin

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Wittenberger Straße 15
04129 Leipzig

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Budafoki út 60. / B
1117 Budapest

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Edmund-von-Lippmann-Str. 13-15
06112 Halle (Saale)

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We have summarized the most important facts for applicants, who would like to live in Germany for a longer period of time: Welcome to Germany (Onboarding Information).